About Inspire 360°

Environments have the ability to completely transform one’s mindset. They are a reflection of personality and what inspires all of us. At Inspire 360° Interiors, we aim to help you discover and transform your environments through easy-to-apply high-quality wall coverings, window and floor graphics. From design concept to delivery, we offer our 360 degree guarantee.

Inspire 360° Interiors is a brand created by Graphix Unlimited located in Northern Indiana. We started as a small RV graphics supplier in 1990 and have grown to be a leading commercial printer in the Midwest. Embracing the vision of our CEO, Melissa Vitali, we have advanced our capabilities and product development to offer an inspiring line of products to use in both residential and commercial spaces.

We hope you enjoy our products and surround yourself in style!

We Offer DreamScape Products

The Very Best In Custom Wall Graphics

DreamScape is always releasing new, outside-of-the-box wall covering materials. DreamScape’s ‘Special Effects’ category includes metallized ‘ Flash’ items as well as new Holographic series.

DreamScape’s commercial wallcovering products are built for traffic. Scuff and tear resistant, DreamScape’s wall media will hold up to the test in the busiest hotels, motels, spas, gyms, medical offices, etc.