NeoCon 2024 Hip Honoree: Graphix Unlimited and Design Pool Shine with LightPlay Veilish Window Film

This year’s NeoCon saw some impressive interior design innovations, and Graphix Unlimited and Design Pool were honored to be one of them. Their collaboration on Light Play printed on Veilish Window film earned them an Innovative Material honor, highlighting the unique and impactful use of design elements – transforming windows into dynamic and captivating elements.
Light Play pattern by Design Pool on Veilish window film as seen at NeoCon in Chicago

NeoCon, the North American contract furnishings industry’s largest trade show, is a breeding ground for creativity and cutting-edge design. This year, Graphix Unlimited came together with Design Pool, a creative image and pattern design firm, to create something truly special. Graphix utilized digital printing technology to apply Design Pool’s Light Play pattern onto Veilish window film material.

Utilizing Veilish window film wasn’t just for privacy or aesthetics; it was a functional piece that interacted with light. The inspiration behind Light Play can be read about here.

This award is a testament to the power of collaboration between printers and designers. Graphix Unlimited’s expertise in printing on innovative materials likely played a key role in bringing Design Pool’s vision to life. Light Play window film serves as an inspiration for pushing the boundaries of what window film can be.

Congratulations to Graphix Unlimited and Design Pool for their well-deserved NeoCon honor! Their innovative Light Play window film is sure to set a trend for the future of design in commercial spaces.

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